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Tubing Mascara - Black
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Love mascara but hate how you look like a panda by the end of the day?  Then you need to get your hands on a "Tubing" mascara right now! 
So what exactly is the difference between regular waterproof and a tubing mascara? Firstly it's a completely different composition - rather than using waxes and oils in the formula, tubing mascara uses polymer which coats with an almost rubberised film which then dries into tiny little tubes around each lash. Once dry you can even swim in it without so much as a smudge.
It doesn't contain fibres or fillers so rather than bulking out lashes it darkens and elongates to give a more natural, rather than clumpy look.
It's removed easily with a combination of warm and pressure - just take a warm, damp flannel, apply to the eyes with light pressure for around 30 seconds, slide the flannel off and it'll contain the tiny tubes - it's that easy!
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